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Old days.....

Going through my stuff this weekend, organizing old paper work, and came across this.

In the early 1990s, before the internet and YouTube, this is what the recruiter gave you when you re-enlisted under the 18X program. In those days you had to be prior service to sign up for the 18X program.

This brochure gave some history about SF, SF missions. And told one how to prepare for SFAS. Section as well about airborne school. And a final section on the Q Course.

I remember the table showing the study of 4 mile ruck times correlating to SFAS pass rates. Timed myself under 45 minutes, with 60 pound ruck so knew was good to go. To be honest, after previously having attended Ranger school, did not think SFAS was that bad, though still challenging.

Looking through the brochure now, many years after having done, some good practical advise about getting ready, taking care of feet, etc.
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