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Originally Posted by ex View Post
A world of suck. :D

I've had both my knees replaced and rehab was tough,
August 2nd my number is up and I am having R total knee replacement. I put this off for 4 years and decided I had to do this or my back/hip we're going to suffer permanent damage.

I realize these are obviously a subjective questions, but:

When did you get back to at least driving?
How much pain, and how long?
When did your therapy begin?
Any suggestions re: preparing my body 21 days from surgery?

(I have one kidney so I don't even take Ibuprofen for my pain - last week the doc prescribed 50MG of Tramadol since I was limping and I haven't even filled it.)

I am in sales and walk a bit through the casinos, which I am obviously going to avoid for a bit, but I haven't been able to even ride a bike -- just swimming, P90X and stretching.
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