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Originally Posted by DBS View Post
Sure thing!

I'm a physician (anesthesiologist, to be specific). I'm also a staff writer for an English Premier League fantasy soccer blog. My wife of 25 years is a teacher. We have two kids in college and one in high school.

I enjoy obstacle course racing (Spartan Beast coming up this Saturday in South Carolina!), Muay Thai, bourbon, and craft beer.

I also enjoy recreational shooting (pistol, rifle, and shotgun, including a little bit of IDPA), and was privileged to receive a lot of my initial pistol training from the late Al Clark, who will surely be known to many here. (But please don't be misled--I have no delusions that I'm any sort of tacticool operator and I'm not here as a wannabe. Shooting just happens to be one of my hobbies.)

Anyway, thanks for having me--glad to be here.
Very nice. Glad you are here.

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