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Originally Posted by havok88 View Post
An Exxon here had gas for $8.xx/gal. I'd be surprised if that news doesn't make its way back to the Exxon headquarters since they are local.
$20000 fine
$250000 fine for every elderly victim
Originally Posted by penal code
(c) In addition to the request for a temporary restraining order, or permanent injunction in a proceeding brought under Subsection (a) of this section, the consumer protection division may request, and the trier of fact may award, a civil penalty to be paid to the state in an amount of:
(1) not more than $20,000 per violation; and
(2) if the act or practice that is the subject of the proceeding was calculated to acquire or deprive money or other property from a consumer who was 65 years of age or older when the act or practice occurred, an additional amount of not more than $250,000.
Originally Posted by justamedic View Post
Just got the call. Deploying tonight to the affected area with a local FEMA contracted DRT.
I'll bring my plastic bags...
Yall need anything? This is "over" for me. Sick as a dog at the moment but I can get most places.

West Houston is my stomping ground. We've been able to liaise with people via social media of all things, to get rescuer folk to troubled folk. Need any info about the area, give a shout.
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