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When I went through the CA Course back in the day (pre-1995), the assessment exercise portion of the course was conducted in Greenville. We worked closely with local officials and provided them with a "free" report that they could use to improve planning efforts. There wasn't the high level of hysteria that now exists around anything military rearing it's ugly head in Hometown U.S.A.

Fast forward to present day. Not only are active duty civil affairs resources being increased, presumably for a variety of global missions to include those related to NORTHCOM/DHS, but apparently they operate under less than desirable command structure due to increasingly liberal use of federal troops in support of these same domestic programs.

The number of "exercises" being conducted by federal resources on U.S. soil in recent years is being seen as a threat by many "tin foil hat" wearers across the country. If I had any criticism, it would be to question the veracity of what the public is being told about the increase of federal military response in an area that traditionally had been the role of our State-controlled citizen-soldier brethren in the Guard, disaster response.
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