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Originally Posted by MixedLoad View Post
You're absolutely right but I would be failing if I did. I promise to post some pow-shots in the next few days.

I have to say this...thank you Jackson. You came through hard. Good times, good dumps the first night. Wish we could've hit Corbet's Couloir but you were a little hard and icy for us. We'll be back in April to get some of your goodness.

Seriously...if you haven't hit JH hard you've missed out. I hit it for a quick afternoon run in April '07 and thought I got a feel...fuck no.

Nothing prepares you for the e-p-i-c runs you'll find on a patrolled terrain resort. Patrollers - you fucking rock and your attitude is dope. Skiiers and boarders - throwing down and leading the charge.

I was nothing short of impressed, maybe even slightly in love with this place.

The terrain, vibe, people...made me wanna spend a lot longer than this last four days here. Anyone looking for a PT roomie who'll take care of your pad?
Yeah the snow really came through big time for Jackson - glad you caught it. I was there from 20 Dec - 3 Jan. Got 10 inches on New Years Eve morning (saturday). We went in to JHMR and dealt with massive crowds at the lifts. Still some rocks exposed, and a lot of terrain that needed about 5 more feet of snow to soften it out a little.

The storm they got a couple weeks ago made everything good.

I'm planning on retiring to the Jackson area, just need to hit the Powerball lottery tomorrow...
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