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Iraq vs ISIS

Iraqi forces have reached the Tigris albeit temporarily for now. The golden brigade & 9th are pushing forward currently. What is sad about this is the coist/humint ths t is lacking. Much like the peshmerga when Iraqi forces take cell phones etc much of it is relegated to trash due to insufficient means. I've got peeps on the ground who are saying once refugees seek safe lines that cellphones are not checked humint wise but are disregarded due to no technical expertise or equipment or time.
Basically we are losing vast amounts of data on ISIS activities by not providing coalition forces with equipment to decrypt and read mobile phones. I was present j n mejkmour/gwer and the Bashiqa operation when refugees came. We had boxes of phones that piled up due to not having the tech to check them (I've got several daesh/iSiS flash drives for mobile that I've decrypted now at my house.

The humint/ING community needs to expand here as hundreds of mobiles are collected daily. If 10% hold info that's 10-100 which is significant. Why are no units focused on mobile/Wi-Fi networks and communications.
in afgh we would scan the p gone etc etc. Here they get relegated to a cardboard box and eventually thrown in a fire. At one point my unit had over 1500 mobile phones which they ended up burning. Whj by if 10% had info on it, we lost it.
What do you think is or should be the proper way to scan and recognize refugee threats from mobile.
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