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Originally Posted by 1RiserSlip View Post
Hell on Earth to me. By far my toughest time. Tennessee Dave...I might have recycled your ass. It was nothing personal.
Ironically they get rid of Desert Phase right before Afghan and Iraq kick off.

High winds, landscape like on the moon. The week is still a blur. But still froze my ass off in mountains. Never been so cold. And the rock climbing scared the hell out of me. So did it twice.

Good times.

Florida sucked more than Desert though. But I got my patrol go on the first day (airborne insertion/raid), so just humped the 60 the rest of the time and just tried not to fall asleep, break contact, or mess up and knew had my tab.

Only time in life I have had a well defined 6 pack.

I was one bad ass Admin Clerk back then.
"Look Sharp, Act Sharp, Be Sharp - But don't cut yourself!"
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