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Has anyone added an aftermarket rail? Specifically to a Kimber (Pro Carry)? I learned the Harries hold back in the academy in the early 90s, but I've never felt terrifically comfortable with it since it's not quite as stable as a good two-handed grip. I've got a Beretta PX4 with a rail, and I'm going to get a light for it, but I want one for the Kimber too.

Found this article listing a few options, but the Surefire MR0 is discontinued. I think Novak's is DC as well. Kind of leaning toward not wanting to drill & tap the gun.

TRG has the TICK/EZ-Rail (out of stock) which uses a replacement slide stop, and Streamlight has the TLR-6 for non-railed 1911s.

Anyone tried any of these?
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