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Originally Posted by Gray Rhyno View Post
Isn't that pretty much true for all professional (yes, I include the Olympics) sports? All these cities spending billions of dollars to build new stadiums; money they tore from the average citizen via taxes to build a stadium that benefits a few owners. Has any city ever made a profit from doing so? Why can't the owners, if doing so is profitable, spend their own money to build a new stadium?

Here in Fredericksburg, they've been rumbling (pro & con) for years about moving the MiLB Hagerstown Suns here, but the team owners won't do so unless "someone else" builds them a new stadium, and the local governments generally (and rightfully) have no interest in doing so.

Plus, there's already a Nationals Class A affiliate in PWC; no doubt they'll conflict with each others fan bases...
The NFL is one of THE WORST offenders of all of them. They go into cities and make tons of demands that need to be made before they will go to that city for events. And, their demands have to be funded by someone other than themselves.
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