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Originally Posted by Gray Rhyno View Post
I'm not a fan of the Packers, but I am a giant proponent of their business model. I think it (and their fan base, as obnoxious as they are ) is the reason that a small city like GB still has an NFL team. I believe it keeps the management from getting stupid. IMO, every team should be run that way.,_Inc.
The Packers are an anomaly, they are the only team in the NFL where there is no majority owner, and their charter is unique in that if the team ever were "sold", all proceeds would go to the local American Legion, or perhaps the statewide Legion HQ.

There are some exceptions to the taxpayer charity extended to pro teams, most notably the Dallas Cowboys and the Chicago Cubs, which have undertaken all of their stadium construction/rehabilitation through their own dime, or that of sponsors and other investors.

One of the worst deals Chicago ever made was to build the monstrosity that hosts the Chicago White Sox when Reinsdorf threatened to move the team. That is a taxpayer funded venue that benefits nobody but the Sox.

I still follow certain teams, mostly the Blackhawks and Cubs. The Bears exist for me at this point just to poke fun at. I don't even bother with the Bulls or the NBA anymore.
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