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Originally Posted by Local View Post
Thought you would all get a kick out of this:

Has a very nice piece on back you can't see keeping the pistol from rubbing against me when I wear it under a shirt. Also has felt on the back of the plastic. Feels quite nice.

Even though it is a very large gun and I am not large I can sit down, stand, bend over, sit in my body hugging car seat, all without getting poked or stuck uncomfortably. The back also covers the safety switch making it very hard to imagine a situation where the safety could get caught on something and somehow manipulated.

Again, Litepath - you do excellent work brother.

Look forward to an update after several weeks of use

- Local
Ha. Nice photo. I tell ya. Yours as depicted for the rest of us is the full size with belt adjustments up to 2 inch.

If you wear that 1 1/2 inch belt and let me do a slim profile Pancake for that G43, You'll be pimpin'~
I've made several and there near the size of a smart phone & hide well.

Glad you like it.
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