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Rosetta Stone:
This program has some significantly strong and weak points. My organization uses this and owns a number of transferable licenses. I used it for both Arabic and Farsi. For comparison, I use my experience at Ft Bragg taking Thai and testing at 2/2. Based on this experience, here are some high and low points:
1. Cost: quite expensive when joined with number 2
2. Proficiency: matching RS to your own level is tricky if you aren't starting from scratch. Since this is a sequential program, under or over shooting your start point can lead to frustration with number 1 above.
3. Subject matter: this is geared for daily, civilian usage. As such, unless your daily activities include riding busses and buying persimmons, it might be better as an aid rather than a core method for DLPT/DLAB. See number 1 above.
4. Time consumption: This system takes regular, systematic, use. I devoted 2 hours per day for 3 months. Luckily, my pre-deployment activities supported this training.
5. Effectiveness: My experience was good with each language. I deployed with about a 200-300 word spoken vocabulary and much better listening comprehension. I did not focus on written or reading, but was minimally functional in both areas. Ten and two years later with disuse, I have not retained much proficiency and only minimal vocabulary.
6. User friendliness: excellent. This is not a DLI or Ft Bragg product and it shows. Two hours was not nearly as painful or or grinding as language lab.

I hope this helps and I appologize for the length of the post.
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