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I have a Springfield Armory-Fully loaded 1911 I love it but sometimes it can be finicky when it comes to feeding reloaded or cheap ammo. I have about a 1000 rounds thru it and still discovering the weapon and making it mine. I love the .45 and the large holes it makes in paper. I use it when I shoot IDPA so I can see the holes it makes :) My son and IDPA shooting partner calls my 1911 the pretty girl at a party that won't drink BPR.

I do not have a problem shooting my 1911 dirty but dry is another story. Prior to one IDPA contest, I went to a indoor range and put 200 rounds thru it. I put a drop or two of oil on the slide and then went to shoot IDPa and put another 120ish rounds thru it. No issues other than the reloaded ammo not feeding and a cheap magazine that is now my Barney mag.

I don't carry CCW but would have not have a problem with doing it with my 1911. I would need an IWB holster since it is a bulky weapon and although I do have an ever increasing waistline, I am not a large person.

I bought a 1911 simply because I always wanted one since all my military heroes always carried one
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