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Kimber SIS Custom, Kimber Super Carry Ultra, Kimber Pro Shadow II (368 of 500), Kimber Covert Ultra, Kimber Tactical II, Wilson Combat CQB, Ed Brown Kobra Karry, Ed Brown Kobra, Dan Wesson ECO, Dan Wesson Valor, Coonan Cadet, Coonan Classic.

So I guess you could call me a "fan". Out of these, the Dan Wesson's, have never had any issue, at all, period. The Kimber Pro Shadow II has been the most reliable out of my Kimber's. The rest have had anywhere from minor issues to outright failures of some kind or another, but have all been resolved.

I carry an M&P9, due to the fact that it holds more ammo, is a bit lighter, and will not be missed if taken into evidence if it does have to be used.

I used to carry my DW ECO, and Kimber Super Carry Ultra, until it was brought to my attention that if used in a SD situation, the pistol will be confiscated and held until no-billed, or indefinitely if that had an impact on my way of thinking. Also, when asking a local LEO, I was informed the weapons are not cared for at all, and even if/when you get your weapon back, it could be in pretty rough shape when returned.
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