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Originally Posted by gavin View Post
((gavin blows through the door, like Kramer entering Jerry's apartment))

I carried a SCAR17 on a combat deployment. The rifle didn't let me down...but...I personally prefer the AR platform.

SCAR PROS: Easily changes barrels, very reliable piston system, sight line is very close to bore.

SCAR CONS: Mags can be hard to find, accessories aren't as common as those for AR platform. The reciprocating charging handle is a serious negative for right-handers, but I'm a lefty. SCAR is a PITA to clean (compared to ARs).

If I was going to spend SCAR-level $$$ on a 7.62 rifle, it would be the Daniel Defense DDM5.
Why the DDM5 over a LMT MWS?
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