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Originally Posted by Chesie View Post
The real answer is that, for young go-getters like our 20-24 y/o SOF bubbas, there isn’t enough shit to do on deployment to keep their attention focused on killing, blowing stuff up, ghosting Jabronis, and creating generalized mayhem, and they get in trouble doing stupid shit like getting shitfaced in front of the well-pressed crowd.

The OP tempo is too fucking slow, and it has been like this for 5 or more years, and we have too many hardcore dudes too far away from a structured environment, sitting around “in case shit” happens, and getting their CONOPs shot down because the risk profile is unfavorable.

The optempo has been slow before, especially pre-9/11. A platoon taking the 5th over a tape claim is no bueno. The booze is a sideshow; the sexual assault and clamming up is the main attraction.
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