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Re: To all 18xrays

Originally posted by 18xrecruit
By the way, you ain't shit 'til you got the beret and the tab. Just because you're a "Paratrooper" or 11B doesn't mean you're a badass. I've seen and met some of the dumbest people in the army right down the road in the 82nd and they are 11b paratroopers. So until you have THE beret and THE tab. You ain't shit.
Where's your Long Tab? How long have you been on an ODA?

Coming from 6+ years in the Ranger Regiment, I have seen many Cherries who were big-time woofers, and they were the ones who ususally got RFS'd 3 months after getting there.

Why don't you let your testicles drop down from your stomach to your sack before you come on here and start talking shit to everyone. Right now you have a serious case of dickmouth and you've clearly forgotten the meaning of "Silent Professional"