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Aging myself here. I was a big KISS fan in the 70’s. Good on them for supporting the troops. Concerts, posters and had all the old 8 tracks. Yes, 8 tracks. Young dudes may need to Google it. They were in cases in the trunk of my beat up car. Realized later in life the brilliant marketing of KISS and less than mediocre musical talent though.
I am not looking for a debate here but, I would like to know your thinking on your post about if it weren’t for the music of the 60’s the 70’s music would have sucked. Not sure I quite see the influence being that strong if we are speaking about the rock genre. I have always understood the influence to be more of a Blues influence on what is now classic rock of the 70’s. Again no debate thrown out there. Just curious. If this is a derail, we can go to pm if necessary.
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