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Originally Posted by Maverick View Post
It really comes down to resources. As we've been shutting down our outposts throughout Afghanistan over the past few years, we've lost our ability to monitor these regions. We've turned areas over to ANA/ANP etc, but they're pretty worthless.

One thing I've been surprised about, is the lack of cooperation between ISIL, Taliban, and any left over AQ in Afghanistan. This may have changed over the past year or two though. As ISIL began pushing into the regions, it appeared as though they demanded the Taliban join ISIS...After years of war, the Taliban have figured out that they don't have to do too much...and we will leave sooner or later. I have little doubt that there will be a proxy war in Afghanistan between Iranian backed ISIL and Pakistani backed Taliban factions once the US is out.

In Afghanistan, ISIS/ISIL appear to be the drunk assholes that showed up late and they're pissing everyone else off at the party. Of course, they still need killing.
Iran isn't backing isil(isis or Daesh as they are known) if anything Iran will end up supporting the baloch groups to undermine the pak/China deal/gwader port. Or use returning afgh refugees to spread Shia fundmentalism. In the past Iran dabbled with AQ&Taliban groups but their support (if any) is negligible now. It's much easier to send back Shia converts to wage war then it is to support crazies who at end of day won't push their agenda.
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