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Originally Posted by usmc_3m View Post
Hey TFG - I would recommend checking out one of the following sites: DragonDoor, StrongFirst or Steve Maxwell and investigate the books/DVDs/online resources. There are also search functions on these sites to find a local trainer if that is the route you want to go. As with any fitness craze there is already "religion" out there on this topic, just as an FYI.
I have read about strongFirst and think I saw some youtube about them. I will look the others up as well, thanks!

I paid too much I think as I paid about $2.20 a lb for mine.

I did a cool workout today, 40 seconds on 20 second rest, 4 sets of the following exercises:

KB Swings
snatches two sets each arm
Turkish get ups. 2 sets each side
Goblet squats
This thing i saw this really fine Russian chic doing where she stood up with a bell in her hand and then pass it behind her leg and around to the other hand, kind of a figure 8 standing and squatting on every exchange.......
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