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Rules for Posting in this Area

This forum area is for the discussion of training courses and college/university level education that will better prepare members for employment or advancement in whatever field they may be working. ie, Law Enforcement, PSD, EP, computer tech, salesman, political analysis, etc...

We will allow the posting of training/educational events on a case by case basis.

This is the only spot training events will be posted.

If the answer here is no then it is no for the entire board.

It is not a place to announce every pistol or carbine class that you happen to be interested in.

No course announcements will be made unless specifically approved by me via PM. Once approved you must place "SB Approved" at the beginning of your post.

All AAR's must be sent to me prior to posting. I will verify it's about a training provider we want to link to and check the text for readability. The only exceptions are vetted SOF members of this board in the User Group BTDT. If you aren't sure if thats you, then it isn't.

Those company reps who want to announce training opportunities are required to be contributing members of this site and not one post wonders looking for free publicity. The course must benefit our membership. All requests for posting of events from company reps will be accompanied by the rep's full name and billet.

Do not ask questions about obscure or start up training providers/educational institutions in an effort to get back door visibility on them.

We reserve the right to deny any company or training provider the ability to post here.