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Originally Posted by The Fat Guy View Post
Dan Wesson makes a good Pistol and most buyers are very happy with them. My point is that too many people complain, especially about Kimbers, when they have never even owned one. This is why I predicate my critiques with my level of experience with that equipment. Most critics across the Internet just state that you should buy what they bought to sooth their own souls, not after 5k rounds of experience. Most folks here have that experience or some semblance there of.

Someone always knew a guys whose brother had a friend that read about a... See my point.
So I've owned quite a few 1911's including Kimber's (Pro CDP II, USMC Det 1, Pro Series I), a few Springfield's, Les baers and many other notable ones. I've found the best Kimber's were the series I and those built in oregon. Those were the Kimber's that the company built their reputation on. They sell for a premium but in opinion, well worth paying due to the fact those are essentially, custom guns.

Same holds true for the older Les baer TRS guns. The newer ones just kinda lost the quality control the older ones had due probably to skyrocketing demand and mass production to meet that demand. Like the Kimber's, look for an older stock gun and if you're lucky, you might pay less than the current MSRP for a used gun that is built much better than the newer ones.
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