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If the folks in that area want to kill one another will bullets, Sarin, or spears, it doesn't matter to me. With the possible exception of the Kurds, for whom no country on earth has proven willing to invest more than a Hallmark card's worth of assistance, there isn't anyone in that area of operations whose life is so valuable that it must be defended by sacrificing the life of a single American in uniform. I don't think we should ignore the region any more than one should ignore a cancerous tumor, and for the same reason - ignoring those people there will allow them to eventually become more of a problem here. However, since there doesn't seem to be a way to divorce those people from their world domination fanaticism, abuse and oppression of women and kids, inbreeding, pedophilia, and hostility to constructive criticism, I'm OK with mass depopulation events in that vicinity. The poor children who may have been gassed, as sad as those images appear, are the same kids who in a decade would be the next crop of the exact same culture raised and trained by the current crop to act just like them. If someone in that locality is willing to do the necessary cloroxing of the regional gene pool without our assistance or funding, I don't see a reason to get upset or act like the United States needs to step in a set things aright. It would be the height of foolishness to go to war with the Russians because one group of idiots we hate in Syria genocided another group of Syrians whom we hate.
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