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Originally Posted by Look. Don'tTouch. View Post
You want off road, save your money and future headache and just buy a 1985 Toyota 4x4. 22RE EFI with solid axle. Put Chevy springs in the rear, F150 shock mounts in the front. Dual case it with a Marlin crawler. Swap out the push-pull steering for a hi-steer crossover from a 90 something. Let it take you over anything out there and be confident in the reliability that it will get you back home.

You'll spend a lot of time passing broken jeeps on the trail, and you can say "We understand the Jeep thing, that's why we build Toyotas."
because no one's been hunting '85s since.... '86.

might as well throw in a Cummings R2.8 as well, bob the bed, and maybe swap in Currie 44/60 with portals front and rear, so you don't break the birfields.
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