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Originally Posted by 256 View Post
Would you rather guys get trigger-time, regardless of their skill level and give them ammo to do it. Or NOT get trigger time because they have bad habits, and hold back on giving them ammo to train on their own.

Iím catching flack (he forbid me to hand out ammo) from the senior Firearms Instructor because I chose to give out training ammo, that Officers are using to shoot on their own. My thought process being, if I empower them with ammo, maybe itíll catch their interest and train more on their own (because of all the issues listed above). Thatís my stance on it, maybe my thought process is wrong??
It depends on how they using the ammo. If they're just blasting away, with no goals or direction, it can be a waste of time & resources. Shooting like this can even (as you know) reinforce bad habits. If they're using the ammo to improve their skills on their personal time, then it makes sense to me.
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