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I think if you incorporate more training science and less "This guys a bad ass shooter.." you may get more out of it. By this I mean, if you have a budget for say ammo, shoot more frequently but use fewer rounds. Everyone is gonna shoot better after 200 rds on the range. How well do you shoot showing up and shooting from the mag that has been in your pistol since the last range session?

You all know shooting is a perishable skill. I submit that you consider the concept that shooting 50 rds 4 x a year is better than shooting 100 2 x a year. Shooting 25 rds a month or even 6 shots and two presentations (Holster and Low Ready) each day on duty is a better way to maintain a capability, once achieved. OK, this last evolution may be too lean, but somewhere between the bookends of annual and daily is a sweet spot. And as SB said, this is an easy paradigm to work into a response to sudden violence. (Car stop, sitting in a diner etc)

What about the guys that do not shoot well? Like anything else, there needs to be an improvement plan, which probably doesn't happen, I assume because he made it through the academy. Any improvement you make with a poor shooter in a 100 rd session is lost after 6 mos of not shooting. Never any money for training, lots of money to settle out of court.

Every range session, I get off my 4 wheeler turn around and present and shoot three shots at my center steel target. No warm up or stand shoot round after round after round. Present and shoot. That is the fight; present and shoot.

Clearing a house, see a bad guy, Present and shoot.
Fleeing felon, present and shoot.
Car stop and guy pulls a gun, present and shoot (and add move to cover)
The FBI says the average civilian armed encounter is three shots in three seconds, at three meters. Is there such a stat for LEO's?

Do you give surprise piss tests? Give a surprise shooting test. Go to the range and present and shoot. Back in your car and protect and serve.

We need to analyze the skill required, and the minimum required training frequency. Time to think outside the box.
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