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Originally Posted by 338winny View Post
My 90 labs showed hematocrit at 50, the PA suggested donating blood prior to my next labs. Well, I may wait until my next labs to pursue the issue further. I've called several Red Cross centers in the area, and most do not even know what a therapeutic phlebotomy is, once I tell them, they say they don't do them. I did see on another forum, that going to a blood bank is an option, I may go that route if it is required after my next set of labs.

I hear you on wanting to avoid insurance. I am trying to get my wife to get some bloodwork done, so that she can get in on TRT. Right now, she thinks they're scammers trying to separate me from my money, and nothing more. I'm trying to convince her that the insurance companies are the scammers, and that is why most of the anti-aging doctors won't accept it. However, if I could get my insurance to cover at least some of the cost, maybe she would be more open to the idea of trt for herself.

How come you cant just use an IV set and drain off a pint into a cup, dump it in the commode and flush it?
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