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Originally Posted by The Fat Guy View Post
Wowzers, very cool, is the long stainless tube the UV light/bacteria killer? You think like me. Valves are cheap, I put them everywhere.

My wife was watering the garden with softened (Nonsaline) and filtered water, I almost had a stroke. I bypassed the filter for the outside spigot. This system leads to a reverse osmosis system that provides distilled water with a little mineral additives for taste. I'll post a new picture with the bypass piping. I used the pex for the filter, but the rest of the house is PVC or CPVC.
If you're running a Reverse Osmosis system then there should be NO mineral taste, unless the membrane is compromised. Not preaching to the choir but a reverse osmosis system, by definition only allows molecules the size of a water molecule or smaller through the membrane.

The only reason I know this is because I had two 600 gph ROWPUs in my company in Honduras; the 600 gph rating is for seawater. which they could turn into drinking water- it could do approximately 960 gph with 'fresh' (read polluted).

Its like witchcraft...
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