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Originally Posted by hawkdrver View Post
If anyone makes it up this way, the Valdez fly in is a great way to spend a day. As B 2/75 said, if there is any kind of headwind the landings look fake, like a CGI effect. I believe one year we were there and the total take off and landing distance was something like 35 feet.

Who's asking?
I was in Bitterroot valley for a week last year; got hosed out some mountainous terrain training into Moose Creek (1U1), by the wildfires that were running rampant. You are really north brother. I tried to MAC into Elmendorf in 2005 but their strip was in a reduced capacity due to construction; canít hang out at Travis for ever, so that was as close as I got to Alaska. Spending time in AK is on my bucket list.
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