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Originally Posted by Stopp700 View Post
Is there any Bank of Americas in you AO? They will buy the stuff back but will take a big byte out of it for Processing fees.
Screw BoA in the dilated collective anus. I tried to get some Iraqi dinars (ca. $200 worth --- no, I wasn't engaging in the "currency speculation" fad, I was only carrying a modest amount for use in-country) exchanged back to US currency about five years ago, BoA were the only bank in a 150 mile radius that would convert any foreign currency. I was told exchange would not be a problem, provided I opened an account with them. Then they quite promptly refused to open an account for me, with no explanation why. So, f*** that bank. I had the same issue more recently trying to exchange Yen and Canadian dollars as well; given my present proximity to the Canadian border this is especially baffling.

Twenty years ago, I could walk into almost any bank lobby chosen at random, plonk down whatever non-US currency I had at the moment, no questions asked, no getting looked at funny, no getting eyeballed with the "are-you-up-to-no-good?" look, etc. Different story now.
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