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Originally Posted by hando View Post
I want to be honest with you. Reserve CA Units are a joke. Just sayin
You are dead wrong. CA is a "Reserve Branch" as the required skill sets and expertise are found in reserve CA units. I know that the 96th doesn't have any Hydrologists, Arts Monuments and Archives Officers, Police Commissioners or other Law Enforcement Officers such as Customs and Border Protection.
I was the principal rater for the 96th CA's ARTEP at Ft. Drum in 1980 and they had none of the required skills then and I seriously doubt that they have them now. The 96th CA is incapable of conducting Civil Affairs Operations without infill of required personnel from the reserve CA units.
Can anybody in the 96th run a city water system or a city sewage system? How about training a Police Department? How do you get a mass transit system up and running after being disrupted by a war? Does the 96th have a competent Arts, Monuments and Archives team to field. I think not.
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