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Originally Posted by MindBlown37F View Post
I understand what you're saying, but the skillsets that we bring to the table are value added, even to a quick hit target. MILDEC, DISO, and STO are skills that we possess that regiment can use at will. Having us as a part of the regiment would allow for easier planning of these ops instead of sending up a request to POG for a planner, especially since these sometimes require a long drawn out planning process. I see it as value added, not only to the 75th but to us psyopers that would like the operational experience with such a high optempo organization.
Not to start a dogpile here, but please enlighten me, based upon your SOF experience (you were dropped from SFAS, right?) how you think your MOS will contribute to the Regiment's mission, of which you have never been a part of. While I'm sure the Army has a reason which is why they opened up this MOS however you posted that "I see it..." and such.

I'm going to get some popcorn and be right back for this one. This should be good...

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