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Originally Posted by Old Dog New Trick View Post
This whole event has me madder than hell. I donít post here often but Iím continuing to dig into this and itís becoming clear there is just too much to ignore. In light of everything else going on and the issue of Ďdeep stateí activities within governments connected to the last administration local and federal; I came across this:

If itís tin foil crap my deepest apologies. If itís even 10% true there needs be an independent congressional investigation of the FBI, Broward and Dade County LEA and School Boards.

Sheriff Scott Isreal is a puppet of Debbie Waserman-Shultz, the DNC and HRC. I knew nothing of him before this week and the CNN Town Hall event has made me dig into all sorts of information out there.

There is blood on the hands of many and itís becoming clear how we got to what should have been completely preventable to a reality. They really really want your guns!!! They will sacrifice our children to accomplish this.
This is absolutely horrifying if true.
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