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I am looking at the Ocala area because in the next year or so my parents are shutting down the house in Columbus, OH and moving to their "winter" home full time.

My former FTO and good friend of mine I have known for about 16 years, spent 25+ years with the Pinellas County Sheriffs Office. He always had good things to say about them. My sister lives in that same area now, and really likes it plus they have a great school system.

I know St. Pete PD was on a big push to hire officers, and they have a lot of extra duty assignments with a lot of it being centered around the Tampa Rays but they may change if the powers that be move the stadium to just outside downtown Tampa.

If I was looking into the Orlando area, I would look at the Orange County Sheriffs Office. Great pay, will pay for an academy if you need it, numerous units to lateral transfer to.

Plus the FHP is extremely short handed but the downside is their pay is severely lacking.
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