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Things to consider:
1) What you want to do. Sheriff's Offices are usually bigger than PDs here, with a couple minor exceptions. More funding and breadth of assignments usually happen at the SOs.

2) What your retirement planning looks like. Our "beloved" governor had state high risk retirement adjusted to a 30 year pension plan, unless you're using the investment plan option. That means state agencies and county Sheriff's Offices are less marketable to someone with a shorter window towards retirement due to age or prior experience.

3) Civil service isn't really a thing here, due to FL being a right to work/at-will employment state. That said, policy typically protects SO Deputies from being terminated because you wore striped socks on polka dot sock day. It's not like the deep south, where a change of Sheriff causes a change of all personnel. At my particular agency, LT and up serve at the pleasure. Sergeant and below are part of the bargaining unit and protected by policy and contract.

Where do you want to live, what type of work do you want to do, and what are your career/retirement goals?

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