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If you are an out of state certified LEO (to include a fed) defined as authority to make arrests and carry a firearm - look into getting your Florida CJSTC certification in advance....

You apply with one of the training centers and do the paperwork. Come down for a couple of weeks of hi-li training and then take the CJSTC exam.

I did the process once in 1997 (at Gulf Coast in Panama City) and again in 2012 (at Pat Thomas Public Safety Inst) in order to get Florida CJSTC standards "current". Last time, IIRC it cost about a grand at Pat Thomas. Hi Li was weapons, driving, DT, first aid, cpr, etc.

Look at each agency before you decide. Some SOs are "at will" others are true civil service.

There are still a number of PDs who use municipal retirements (not contributing to social security). There is a catch 22 when retirement time comes as social security has a "windfall" provision where you can be forced to give up (I think it is 40%) of your social security if you are receiving a pension that was based upon not contributing to social security.

There are lots of ins and outs. If you are focusing on a particular agency, PM me and I will see if I can answer your questions about it.
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