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Originally Posted by Armitage12 View Post
How are you liking the Peterson book? I have it on a get-to list, but haven't obtained it from the library. Thoughtful and useful, or an upjumped magazine article pushed into a book?
I think Peterson is brilliant. The audio book does however require really focused listening, as I'm sure you've noticed watching him elsewhere and that's been a bit of a challenge for me.

He delivers a very large amount of information every time he talks. Whether he's on the Joe Rogan show, a TV interview, giving a lecture, casually conversing...when he talks he delivers information at his level, which is quite a bit above most people's intellectual ability.

The content simply isn't as if you were listening to Tony Robbins. It's much more cerebral and he has a peculiar voice, which adds some challenges to the experience.

Hence, I'm going to buy the paperback and start from page 1. What I've gleaned so far, about four chapters in, is good and I would recommend it. You will certainly find familiar topics (lobsters, infantile responses etc.) but they are accompanied with personal anecdotes.

Originally Posted by MountainBum View Post
Nice. Just finished that after binging on his interviews / videos...
You and me, brother. I got hooked when Zonk sent me a video six months ago where he put on an evolutionary psychology clinic.

Since then...hooked.

If you haven't subscribed to his podcast, or you have and can get over the absymsal sound quality of most episodes, his latest one on intelligence was excellent.
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