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Originally Posted by The Fat Guy View Post

I train on the pay site and this AM mine was BPI.
That's interesting; I don't know why there are two different systems but I found this on the Web:

Posted: April 28th, 2014 | Author: Carl Furrow

We at Lumosity love to improve. Personal and professional development are as important as the product we build each and every day. With that expectation for improvement comes radical new paradigm shifts on core systems. This time it was on our Brain Performance Index (BPI) system. BPI is a scale that allows users to see how well they are doing in the five core cognitive areas Lumosity is designed to help train. Every game on Lumosity falls into one of those cognitive areas and each game ends with a score. That score is then used to calculate a BPI for that game, which is then fed into that game’s area BPI, which then feeds into the user’s overall BPI.

Late last year our science team began devising a new system for calculating BPI that was more responsive to each game play a user completed and could scale out to more games across our multiple platforms (web, iOS and soon Android). This new system was named the “Lumosity Performance Index” (LPI) and with it would come a new set of calculators that could transform a game play’s score to an LPI and also update a variety of other stats for that user, including the game’s area LPI and the user’s overall LPI.

Once the new system and calculators were built, we needed to build a way to migrate or backpopulate existing game plays’ scores to LPI. At the time of this writing, we have over 60 million registered users who have played more than 1.6 billion games, and it’s growing quickly each day.
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