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I understand that he was severely injured. But that is no reason to sue. We live in a society where we look to put the blame on others first instead of taking responsibility for our actions. "It's somebody else's fault" is a cop out.
I'm not saying BB has this mentality, I'm writing this in response to those who encourage him to sue. It is wrong to sue over shit like this. It would be a frivoulous lawsuit because it was not the drivers fault that he was wearing a walkman and ran into him.
Can I sue the county if I cause an accident between myself and an emergency vehicle because I have my radio up too loud and didn't hear the sirens? Yes, I could. Is it wrong? Damn right it is because I wasn't paying attention. It is my fault.
Just because he is seriously injured does not give him the right to unjustifiably take it out on someone else.

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