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Dude, your missing the point entirely.
It was an accident. It doesn't matter if he was out picking daisies for his girlfriend. Shit happens.
People are so goddamn sue happy these days that people don't give a shit who they sue as long as they get their goddamn money. And you find nothing wrong with that?
Jesus Christ I must be fucking losing it.
We can do anything we want now and take solace in the fact that if it all goes to shit, don't worry, call Larry H. Parker and get your 2.1 million.
Let's suppose you do file your (frivolous) lawsuit, clutter up the courts and win your 7 million. WooHoo!! you're a millionaire now, let's celebrate, drinks and Asian hookers for everyone!!
Well, the trail they they were trying to make accessible for everyone's personal benefit has just lost its funding because you weren't paying attention, wallowed in self-pity, saw dollar signs and sued.
But, that doesn't matter because now you're a millionaire.
Who gives a shit about everyone else and who gives a shit about personal responsibility.