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Lessee, China is a hellofalot closer to N. Korea than the U.S.

China has many other international economic/political considerations other than N.K.

China has a vested interest in an ongoing international economy that it prefers not to be destabilized by the actions of a desperate nation. If destabilization occurs, there goes the control, such as it is. Not that many tennis shoes are exported to North Korea.

The concept of World Domination through a United Communism is passe', in the light of Survival via Cash..It's difficult to "Viva La Reveloucion'" without it.(circa 1950's)

North Korea is starving, ergo desperate, as we all know. Rhetoric can take even a god such as The Beloved Leader so far. Desperate people take desperate measures. Without support in those conditions, most governments/despots take action independently, as we see unfolding now. The U.N. is unlikely to ride in on a white horse to save the day, so that leaves...whom?

I'll leave that decision to you.
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