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Originally Posted by DirtyDog0311 View Post
Many are still underestimating the power of the media to cover for any (D), the ability of the left-wing crowd to literally not give a shit about anything a (D) does, the apathy of the right going into this next election cycle, how energized and motivated the libs are to beat 'Blumpf™', and the razor-thin margin current POTUS beat out the worst and least favorite lefty candidate in decades. 2020 isn't 2016. The left has been preparing to destroy the platforms the right used to get grass roots support and momentum for Trump since the morning of Nov 9th, 2016. No, really: Google, Youtube, Facebook and others gathered to literally discuss how to do just this in 2017.

Everyone that thinks some stupid gaffe or lie a left wing candidate says is their ticket to doom needs to take a moment to reflect on what the reality of politics in America says is actually going to happen. Spoiler alert: none of that crap matters. The sheer amount of censorship and deplatforming fuckery that's going to happen next year is going to be legendary. Voter fraud in key districts will be happening on an unprecedented scale. And the MSM will hide it all.
this is the smartest thing you've ever posted and unfortunately too true
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