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I don't think that saying really has a parallel to today's climate. It's a nice quote and very appropriate for the time in which it was uttered, but I think he is referring to the rule of a totalitarian government....not the liberties of a bunch of islamofacists have to sit on a corner and do everything but say that they want every man woman and child in America who isn't muslim to either convert, submit to Sharia law, or die (at least that's what I am reading between the lines).

Maybe you should stop reading between the lines and read the Constitution.

The founding fathers had their rights taken from them. They weren't "deserving" of the protections of the Magna Carte because of who they were, where they lived. They certainly understood what they were talking about, the risks... they lived it.

EVERY PERSON, regardless of race, creed, color, religion, sex, whatever... that resides in the United States, has the right to the protections of the US Constitution. When you take them from one, you allow someone to take them from you.

If you aren't willing to give up your right to free speech, don't ask others to give up theirs.
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