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USMC Fire Support Man signing on / Career Questions

Hello All,

Signing on after a few years of inactivity, I am a 0861 in the USMC, latmoved after my first four years to this MOS and love it, just finished up a pump with 3/9 filling a scout/JFO billet. I am actively seeking a JTAC seat when we get back and expect to go through the course sometime this year or next.

Does anyone whos been through TACP have any advice for the course, I am not worried about the bookwork/tests as I am generally good at that aspect of courses, more along the lines of tips for the sims and live shoots, I worked alot with our FAC out here on scenarios, but of course doctrine and what they want in the schoolhouse is different that in theater SOP's.

Also, for any USMC guys in here, any first hand knowledge of ANGLICO/MARSOC billets? my rotation date is in about a year and I would be very interested in filling a billet in one of those units.

Semper Fi
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