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Old 5 April 2012, 06:18
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Randy Ortin Scrapped from Movie

I've been following this story for awhile. At least somebody in the WWE has some sense. The guy gets a BCD from the Marine Corps and somebody thought he should star as a Marine in the movie?
Old 5 April 2012, 06:57
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I dont follow wrestling but it was interesting to read that he was even concidered for the part due to his background! this guy is a joke and I'm pretty sure the average fan doesnt know about this.
Old 5 April 2012, 07:44
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Fuck him, good riddance...
"If you force me to do violence, I shall be so savage and so cruel, and hurt you so badly that the thought of revenge shall never cross your mind" --Machiavelli

"Oderint, dum metuant" ("Let them hate, so long as they fear") - Caligula

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Doesn't deserve any SOCnet airtime, either.


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