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Old 5 October 2019, 20:33
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Originally Posted by Balls View Post
AFpj, if you are willing to invest 2 years for an online BA, you might be able to do MBA instead and use the same GI Bill bennies. I am not 100% certain but I am pretty sure that some schools can waive the Bachelors requirement (if you do not already have a different Bachelors).
I havent seen any US schools that do this.. but.. I'd be willing to bet there are some out there..

Its actually pretty common practice in several UK and European systems though.. I know of numerous brit schools that will allow adult learners that have already been in the work force for a while to enroll straight into a masters program..
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Old 5 October 2019, 20:49
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Originally Posted by mdwest View Post
If you want to pursue a career in business.. a finance or accounting degree is never a bad choice..

Do understand though.. that while there will be a good bit of course overlap in finance and accounting.. they are totally different fields...

In my experience what makes a good accountant is mastery of the "science" associated with that field.. what makes a GREAT accountant is one that can apply the "art" of accounting on top of the science..

Finance people in my experience are the exact opposite.. good finance folk are masters of the art.. great finance folk have the ability to apply science to their art.. and make it better..
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Old 6 October 2019, 00:38
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Originally Posted by AFpj View Post
Feel free to PM if you need any guidance on Para activities, WI..
PM sent
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Old 6 October 2019, 09:01
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Balls- I will have to check. That is definitely a smarter route.

MixedLoad, do you have an intern position for a guy ignorant in all things finance, but who's willing to remain that way as well?
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Old 8 October 2019, 12:09
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Worked several different types of employment for another 18 years after I retired from AF (23 years active duty). Never actually sought career employment after the AF.

Off topic from a retired PJ: Career is just a 5 letter perversion of the four letter word work. Being a full time RVer traveling here and there (four years now) is the life I and wife live. :P

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Old 8 October 2019, 14:40
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AFpj--I work in a university, and know the business school folks well. If you have general or specific questions about what Balls has raised, I can float them past our business school folks, and can ensure good responses.
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Old 9 October 2019, 09:21
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Originally Posted by mdwest View Post
If you want to pursue a career in business.. a finance or accounting degree is never a bad choice..

my question is.. have you considered an accounting degree.. but working in another field of business?

mdwest gave some great answers.

What I wanted to add:

The point about entry-level accounting is extremely important. It's largely for 20 y.o.'s who are going to figure out whether they hate it or love it and move to a masters and CPA, go into consulting post-mba, or kill themselves.

I'd argue that regardless of the business skill you earn, if you get to a full time position at a corporation, because of your age and your prior experience (especially from an SF role) you're going to be:

1) Quickly put in charge of other people.
2) Quickly put in a position that you're dealing with individuals outside the company.

Either way, your role of actually doing the type of work you majored in will be minimized.

Myself for instance:

What got me my post-MBA in the large bank I work at wasn't my accounting skills (which I'm actually terrible at even though it's roughly 25% of my job) it was that I knew enough economics, could talk to clients and presented well enough to go on road shows. I'm still learning the accounting stuff on the job.

There were other candidates for the job that went to even better schools than I did, who were younger than I (34), and did much better on the modeling test whom I beat out simply because of I presented and spoke better.

At the end of the day, your business major, regardless of what you pick, might just be what opens the door for you and your role will quickly evolve from there.

Hope this helps.
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Old 10 October 2019, 19:39
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My accounting degree gave me the edge to getting my current job.
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Old 11 October 2019, 12:51
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Originally Posted by mdwest View Post
Something to consider about the accounting field..

advancement without a masters is going to be difficult...

you can get to a controller position without the masters.. but at 47 that is going to be a serious uphill struggle.. even with a masters, coming into a field at 47 that most enter in their mid 20's is going to put you pretty far behind the power curve..

we hire "entry" level accountants with BA's and BBS's in the very low $40K range.. they pay their dues.. and in a few years can advance pretty easily.. but they are usually in their 20's still at that point.. most have moved into a masters program.. and have the world at their feet.. thats going to be a tough world for someone twice their age, but with the same education and experience to compete in..

my question is.. have you considered an accounting degree.. but working in another field of business?

for example.. project managers in the defense services industry with an accounting (or any other business degree) are generally speaking highly prized commodities..

Its easy for me to find a retired PJ that understands the operational/execution side of the work we do..

Its easy for me to find a young MBA with 4 or 5 years of experience in business that knows how to manage the back office side of things, how to look at the numbers, conduct trend analysis, find economies of scale, etc..

a PJ with an MBA (or even an accounting bachelors for that matter).. now that is NOT easy to find.. someone that actually understands the customer (military), understands the work being done, understands the people doing the work (generally speaking, other veterans), AND understands fundamental business practices, can read a P&L and really know and understand what it is saying to you, etc.. THAT has some serious value..

You just spent years on WPS...

Why not be the guy that runs WPS from the HQ? (and gets paid exceptionally well to do it.. an entry level PM generally makes about double what most companies pay an entry level accountant.. although a king kong accountant typically advances faster and has the ability to bring down some serious coin if they are good at what they do.. where most PM's career paths are a little slower on the climb)?
Great spot-the-fuck-on post. Highlights are what I would have said had it not already been said.
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Old 24 October 2019, 13:23
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AFpj, I just wanted to bring up a couple things that are maybe useful/interesting as you look for your next move.

You may already be aware of all of these, but if not they come to mind as excellent resources for you in finding your way forward.

Stanford Ignite Post-9/11 Veterans program: Sort of like a mini-MBA. Month-long immersion into business strategy. Class is usually approx 20-30% SOF and the rest conventional folks. This may be a good way for you to meet some people, learn about more programs that interest you, network a bit, etc. I did it a few years ago and it was a phenomenal learning opportunity and lots of fun with good people. May help you learn more about what type of education/career you wish to pursue?

Dartmouth Tuck Next Step: Similar to Stanford Ignite program but on East coast. Don't have much personal insight to offer but can connect you with some folks who have gone. Or, I'm sure you know some folks as well.

The Honor Foundation: Transition service program/institute specifically for SOF. Don't know much about it personally, but seems like an excellent program for defining the next step in transition.

Breakline: If you have a goal of transitioning into a top tech company, this is a great educational/networking opportunity with very good placement rates.
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Old 24 October 2019, 14:05
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Duke MBA is very veteran-friendly, and the vets always seem to find a shit-load of financial breaks and get placed in decent-$ jobs out of school. They have a vet organization as well.
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