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Old 19 April 2014, 08:44
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Posting Third Hand Information

SOCNET does not tolerate the posting of third hand information in the “Employment and Training” section. As has been stated throughout these threads, this is SOCNET, not "Ihearditfromabudnet."

Unless a poster has first hand information regarding a topic, do not post that information in this section. First hand information does not include what some recruiter, range guy, medic, or other uninformed person tells you is happening with a specific company, the industry, etc. Quite often they may not know the whole story, or even a part of it and are simply passing on incorrect information that they picked up from some other uninformed source.

These boards are here to assist people with making well-informed employment and career decisions. Posting incorrect hearsay does nothing to assist anyone in that goal and detracts from what this section is for. Therefore, the spreading of anything other than first hand information will not be tolerated and may result in the poster catching a ride on the SOCNET extract bird.

In short, keep your third hand information, rumors, half understood garbage, and unverified hearsay out of the “Employment and Training” section.

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