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Old 3 May 2018, 21:00
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^^^ just a normal day in the life for me.

I did text him a link to this thread. We will see if he reads it.
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Old 4 May 2018, 03:09
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Originally Posted by DirtyDog0311 View Post
Shortening for brevity makes sense when each letter costs money. When you're shortening because you are a lazy shitsack that can't be bothered to use proper grammar, then that's where the line should be.
Yet, we have people that "shorten" phrases that result in it actually taking longer. You'll hear people say "WTF", and spend 4 syllables taking a shortcut from something that only costs 3 to say it right. Too many adults trying to act and talk like teenagers these days.
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Old 4 May 2018, 03:20
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Too many adults trying to act and talk like teenagers these days.
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Old 4 May 2018, 06:12
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I have never laughed so hard at every post in the thread. I love SOCnet.
Wolves and alligators should be cross-bred to make wolfagators that will be silent and fast, and we'll never have to hear from those people, they will just be wolfagator shit.

Are you fucking serious? That's the most ridiculous thing I've heard all week...and I'm at a senior staff planning conference, so, the bar has been set pretty high. You should be proud. - Gavin
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