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Old 7 March 2018, 20:53
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End of Watch (EOW) Clinton Missouri Officer Christopher Ryan Morton

Second KIA in Clinton MO (pop 9K) within 7 months to the date.

Initial reports are that Officer Morton and 2 other Officers responded to a report of a domestic violence call but were dispatched to the wrong address. After making contact with a female suspect, they took fire from a semi-automatic rifle from a male suspect in the rear of the house. Morton was struck in both arms, both legs, chest, and head and eventually succumbed to his wounds at a local hospital.

Two other Officers on scene were wounded and taken to KC Area hospitals where they are expected to survive.

Suspect died at the scene. It us unknown if he was taken out by officers on scene or did himself in.

Officer Morton served with the Missouri National Guard and went downrange to A-Stan x2.

Morton previously served as a VA Hospital Police Officer and as a Reserve Officer for Clinton, MO, but was inspired to work for Clinton full-time after Officer Gary Michael was KIA'd on a traffic stop seven months ago.

RIP Brother.....
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Old 7 March 2018, 22:02
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RIP Brother
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Old 7 March 2018, 22:12
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Rest Peacefully, this is just a few miles from my backyard.
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Old 7 March 2018, 22:24
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Old 7 March 2018, 22:58
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Rest In Peace, Brother!
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Old 8 March 2018, 01:47
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RIP Officer.
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Old 8 March 2018, 07:28
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Lest we forget.......
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Old 8 March 2018, 08:42
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Old 8 March 2018, 08:59
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R.I.P. Officer....
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Old 8 March 2018, 10:05
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Old 8 March 2018, 10:37
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Rest easy buddy. My prayers are with you and your family, your fellow teammates and officers. Laying our fellow guys and gals to rest is the hardest thing an officer will ever have to do. Thank you for your service.
"The space between life and death, that is where we are most alive"- Floki
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Old 8 March 2018, 14:44
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RIP. Condolences to his survivors.
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Old 8 March 2018, 16:10
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End of Watch the part that always get me, is the individuals name is called 3 times before they state a call sign for the individual.

RIP an Condolences to his survivors.
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Old 8 March 2018, 23:59
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Holy crap. He was sent to the wrong house. The actual call was 20 miles away in Windsor. 911 centers got their lines crossed somehow.

Grace and peace to the department, his friends, and family.
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